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Toys and Presents For Your Dog:    small dogs, large dogs, strong chewers
Pink Poodle Beige Dog Boxer Gray/Pink Dog
Pink Poodle     $4.95
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Beige Dog     $4.95
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Boxer     $4.95
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Gray/Pink Dog     $4.95
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Tan Dog
Tan Dog     $4.95
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Dog Toys They'll Love!

The dog's priorities: food, hugs and kisses, treats and pupcakes, toys! Here we offer plush and latex toys sure please your fur babies and all make sounds.


Small dogs are three inches tall and have voice boxes which make dog sounds. Beavers also have voice boxes while the brown hedgehog has a squeaker and the blonde hedgehog makes chittering sounds!

Sock Monkeys and Jacks have squeakers.

Bottle Skins have squeakers and are designed to fit over empty plastic water bottles which dogs love to crunch! Recycling at its best and safe for your dog.

Doberman     $4.95
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Add to cart: $5.95
Other sizes:

Jack is six inches across with four squeakers.

Large Beaver is six inches around not including tail, while the Small Beaver is four inches around.

Sock Monkeys are 12 inches long.

Blonde Hedgehog is eight inches by four.

Brown Hedgehog is six inches by four.
Add to cart: large $5.95

Add to cart: small $4.95
Sock Monkey
Sock Monkey
Add to cart: Red Stripe $4.95

Add to cart: Brown      $4.95
Raccoon/Fox Blonde Hedgehog Brown Hedgehog Gator/Lion
Raccoon/Fox     $4.95
Raccoon:     Add to cart
Fox:     Add to cart
Blonde Hedgehog     $4.95
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Brown Hedgehog     $4.95
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'Gator/Lion     $4.95
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Lion:     Add to cart

Latex "Squeeze Meeze" toys have a satisfying squeal when grabbed by the dog and their appendages stick out: legs, trunks, tails and tongues!

Large Chameleon is 8" x 5" Small Chameleon is 6" x 3.5
Large Frog is 6" x 5" Small Frog is 4.5" x 4"
Large Elephant is 9" x 8" Small Elephant is 6" x 5"
Large Purple Dragon is 9" x 5" Small Purple Dragon is 6.5" x 3"
Lady Bug is 4" x 4"
Green Frog
Green Frog
Elephant Add to cart L $6.95 S $5.95
Lady Bug Add to cart L $6.95 S $5.95
Dragon Add to cart L $6.95 S $5.95
Frog Add to cart L $6.95 S $5.95
Chameleon Add to cart L $6.95 S $5.95
Lady Bug Dragon
Orange Gecko
Orange Gecko     $9.95
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The Toy Your Dog Cannot Kill!

These are Tough! Designed for and tested on the roughest dogs. With "extreme seam" technology reinforcing the normal weak spot, and big tough squeaker pads that keep on squeaking even after punctured!

Choose the Gecko or Snake with three squeakers for your big guys, or the small Mini Invincibles with one squeaker pad for your rough and tough little dogs!

Gecko is 13.5" x 7.5", Snake is 23" x 4".

Mini Invincible Duck 5" x 3.5", and Mini Invincible Pig 5.5" x 4".

Blue Gecko
Blue Gecko     $9.95
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Orange Snake
Orange Snake     $11.95
Invincible Snakes

With three large squeaker pads, this is a dog toy that won't be defeated, and will provide all the enjoyment your dog could ask for! Squeaker pads keep on squeaking even if punctured!

The invincible snake is 23 inches long and four inches wide.

Orange Snake       Add to cart $11.95

Green Snake         Add to cart $11.95

Green Snake
Green Snake     $11.95
Mini Invincible Pig
Mini Invincible Pig     $5.25
Mini Invincibles

For your little monster, the dog toy he or she can't beat! One large squeaker pad keeps on squeaking even after punctured!

Mini Invincible Pig
Add to cart $5.25
Mini Invincible Duck
Add to cart $5.25
Mini Invincible Duck
Mini Invincible Duck     $5.25
Squirrel   11" x 9"   $10.95
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Tons of fun for your dog! The Squirrel and the Sheep each have sixteen squeakers and the Mallard has six.

Sheep   14" x 11"   $14.95
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Mallard   6" x 4"   $6.95
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Duck     $7.95
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Pip Squeaks...
for Your Small Dog

These toys have voices! The Duck quacks, Pig oinks and Donkey brays!

The Duck is 6.5" x 5.5", Pig is 6" x 5", Donkey is 5.5" x 4.5".

Pig     $7.95
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Donkey     $7.95
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